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Road trips mean making sure your pet is secured safely. Depending on where your pet will be riding, a travel crate or seatbelt harness is the best way to go. If you opt for a crate, the Center for Pet Safety recommends that crates be attached to vehicle walls.

Make sure your pet has ID inside and out. Your best friend should not only have a collar and identification tags but a microchip as well. Collars can get removed or lost, but a microchip—with your current contact information—will greatly increase the chances that your pet is returned to you if he or she goes missing.

It’s always a good idea to get your traveling buddy in for a check-up before you take off to make sure that your pet is current on vaccinations, has the parasite protection needed, and that he or she is healthy enough to travel. Schedule an appointment online or call us at 360-385-4488.

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