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Your puppy or kitten should be spayed/neutered once they have completed their initial booster shots. For most pets, we recommend the surgery when they are

6-8 months

of age, though some larger dog breeds should wait until they are at least 12 months old. The reason for spaying and neutering early is to reduce the risk for certain reproductive diseases and minimize or prevent harmful hormonal behaviors.

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The Benefits of Spay & Neuter Surgery

There are various health and behavioral benefits your pet can experience as a result of being spayed or neutered at the proper time. These benefits include:

Elimination of the Female Heat Cycle

Sexually mature female dogs and cats will start their heat cycle around 6-7 months of age. Spaying before this time ensures your pet will never have their heat cycle, which can be uncomfortable for them and attract unwanted attention from male dogs or cats nearby.

Improved Overall Behavior in Males

Male dogs and cats will engage in disruptive hormonal behaviors if they are left intact and in close proximity to females in heat. These behaviors include vocalizing, roaming, mounting, and urine spraying. Aggression is also possible. Neutering your pet can reduce or even prevent these types of behaviors, resulting in a more peaceful household for your family, and a happier existence for your pet.

Animal Homelessness & Overpopulation

Millions of dogs and cats enter shelters each year, and a significant number of these animals end up being euthanized when the shelters become crowded. Cat and dog neuter and spay surgeries can resolve the issue of pet overpopulation and homelessness by reducing the number of strays that result from unwanted pregnancies. This means fewer animals in shelters, and more animals in loving homes where they belong.

Better Health for Pets

Having your pet fixed will not prevent every disease, but it can reduce their risk for certain diseases and prevent others altogether. For female dogs and cats, spay surgery can prevent a life-threatening uterine infection known as pyometra, along with mammary cancer. For male dogs and cats, neuter surgery prevents testicular cancer entirely and minimizes their risk for an enlarged prostate.

By preventing or reducing the risk of certain reproductive diseases, spay and neuter surgeries can help more pets live healthier, longer lives.

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