Cat & Dog Euthanasia in Port Hadlock, WA

Your pet is an irreplaceable part of

your family.

At Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital, we know how important they are to you; how many ups and downs you’ve weathered over the years together. When the time comes to say goodbye, our team is here to help you.

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Our goal is to make your pet’s end-of-life care decisions easier for you to manage. We offer hospice care and quality-of-life consultations so we can explore possible treatment options, and we can also provide compassionate cat/dog euthanasia here at our hospital or at your home if we can. Our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to making sure both you and your pet are given the care and consideration you deserve.

If your pet is living with debilitating pain, we can provide hospice care to manage their discomfort and help them live as comfortably as possible with you at the end of their life. You can always reach out to us if you have concerns or need help taking the next step and scheduling a euthanasia appointment.

Sometimes it is easy to tell when your pet has reached their last weeks or days, but other times, a veterinarian’s guidance is needed to figure out the next step. Our team can help you by examining your pet and discussing their quality of life at home. Some questions you’ll want to consider include:

  • Does your pet show any signs of pain? Do they seem restless and listless much of the time?
  • Are they reluctant to get up, play, eat, or socialize?
  • Have they lost interest in their favorite activities?
  • Has your pet stopped eating and drinking? Do they have trouble eliminating or do they have frequent accidents in the house/outside the litter box?

At Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital, we believe every stage of your pet’s life is important. This means that when it’s time to say goodbye, your pet’s care is in the best hands with our team. Our aim is to make cat/dog euthanasia as low-stress and comfortable as possible. Your pet will be given a sedative so they will feel no discomfort or fear, and when you are ready, we can move forward with the euthanasia administration. The whole process can go quickly, and you can be certain your pet will be relaxed and pain-free throughout. It is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but making their passing a peaceful one is important to us.

You are more than welcome to request private cremation for your pet. We work with West Coast Pet Memorial Services for cremation and keepsakes, and you can visit their website here for more information. If you prefer, you can make cremation arrangements prior to the euthanasia appointment so you won’t have to worry about it after.


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