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Our Staff

Marissa Shubin, Practice Manager

Marissa Shubin, Practice Manager

Marissa is a native Californian who grew up raising horses, riding horses and taking an in-depth interest in animals and pets at an early age. Marissa sought education in veterinary service shortly after graduating from high school, which began with the Vet Technology program at Yuba College in Marysville, CA. In 2011, Marissa was awarded Certification as a Veterinary Practice Administrator by Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. She began her career in veterinary medicine in 2003 and has worked as both a practice owner and practice manager since 2007.

Some highlights of her career have included dental work on a Bengal Tiger and rescue work with orphaned black bears.

Marissa and her husband live with their family of three dogs, five cats and two horses.

Client Service Representatives

Emily, Team Lead & Client Service Representative Fear Free Certified Professional

Emily, Team Lead & Client Service Representative

As someone who enjoys animals and social work, Emily has found a passion in working with our incredible clients and their amazing pets here at CVVH and PTVC. Emily joined our team in November of 2017, working full time to help ensure the highest standards of excellence we strive to provide. Some of Emily’s responsibilities include assisting our practice manager, answering phones, scheduling appointments, checking clients in and out of our facility, client records, medication requests, client education, serving as our initial point of contact, and much more.

“Port Townsend has always felt like home to me. I’ve been looking for a career as well as an environment that truly feels like home. I have definitely found my calling here – it’s somewhere I know I can be successful and have fun at the same time,” Emily says. “The staff is very family oriented in the sense that we feel like a big family and definitely care about the love and bond that you share with your pet. I really see the therapeutic qualities that pets can have on people.”

At home, Emily and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors, chasing sunsets, and spending time with friends and family. She considers herself a very musical person. Emily owns a Beagle mix named Camo, a Long Haired Calico cat named Luana, and a short-haired gray cat named Seymour Fuzzy Bottoms.

Hannah, Team Lead & Client Service Representative Fear Free Certified Professional

Hannah, Team Lead & Client Service Representative

Hannah joined CVVH and PTVC in August of 2015. She is brand new to the veterinary field and is very much enjoying her introduction to veterinary medicine as well as getting to know the clients and their pets. Hannah grew up in Jefferson County and graduated from Chimacum High School. She grew up bringing her pets to our hospital and feels honored to be a part of the team. Outside of work, Hannah enjoys taking her dog for walks, short hikes, going to the beach and spending time with her friends and family. Hannah is the owner of a fun-loving Yorkshire Terrier named Rue.

Nicole, Client Service Representative Fear Free Certified Professional

Nicole, Client Service Representative

Nicole joined Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital and Pet Townsend Veterinary Clinic in December 2011, bringing with her five years of prior experience as a veterinary technician. She particularly enjoys interacting with the hospital’s clients, with a focus on providing them with information they need to be the best possible caregivers for their pets.

“I love working here because my co-workers are fantastic—and as dedicated to our patients as I am,” she expressed. Also, “The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful area to call home.”

Outside work, Nicole spends her time reading, camping, hiking, hanging out with friends, and playing games. She has two cats: Loki, a domestic long hair, and Mr. McDiddles, a domestic medium hair.

Kathy, Client Service Representative

Kathy joined our team in July 2020, having previously worked Oak Bay Animal Hospital.

Clients love Kathy for her compassionate personality. Her duties here include checking patients in and out, answering the phones, and scheduling appointments. She is a customer service star who makes both humans and animals feel at home.

When she’s not working, she enjoys rockhounding and tumbling, making jewelry, and spending time with her family.

Veterinary Nursing Team

Aleta, Licensed Veterinary Technician Fear Free Certified Professional

Aleta, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Aleta joined the Chimacum Valley and Pet Townsend team in January 2013. Her responsibilities include prepping and assisting during surgery, nursing patients, dental cleanings, and starting appointments. She especially enjoys comforting patients and “making a stressful visit easier and calmer.”

Aleta has a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and is a licensed veterinary technician in Washington. She has 17 years of experience in the veterinary field, 12 as a licensed technician. She enjoys learning and is always trying to improve her skills and her breadth of knowledge.

Outside of work, Aleta’s primary social activity is walking with her border collie, Penny. As the picture shows, she also enjoys riding to work on her bike with Penny. When not involved in animal-related activities, she enjoys architectural ceramics, gardening and Zumba dancing. She currently runs a feline geriatric ward at her home, with 4 senior cats (Zowie, Neo, Zappa and Frankie) and 2 merely middle-aged brother cats, Roger and Stanley.

Aleta still loves being a veterinary technician and can’t decide whether she loves the animals, or the humans connected to them, the most.

Candyce, Licensed Veterinary Technician Fear Free Certified Professional

Candyce, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Candyce joined the Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital in September 2015. Her responsibilities include conducting pre-exams, assisting the DVM, collecting samples, preparing medications, and client education. Candyce believes the most important part of her job is patient well being done through quality patient care, client communication, and education. “Our efforts in the hospital are only successful when we are able to work together with clients to provide complete patient care.”

Candyce brings 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine to her position. She has a Zoology degree from the University of Washington and a Veterinary Technology degree from Pierce Community College. She has co-authored three editions of the textbook, Daily Reference Guide for Veterinary Technicians, published by Blackwell Wiley and is a licensed veterinary technician in Washington.

Candyce is married to her husband, Jon and has three children. She also shares her home with Nutmeg, an Eastern box turtle; Piggy and Gus, guinea pigs; Rory and Oliver Glen, cats; Tegan, border collie; and 8 ducks and chickens. Candyce’s interests outside of veterinary medicine include travel, reading, and spending time with her family.

Lisa, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Lisa, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital was proud to welcome part-time Licensed Veterinary Technician, Lisa, in February of 2019. She received her license from Pierce College in 1999 and has since been actively working to better the heath and lives of the patients she treats. Here Lisa helps with anesthesia induction, patient maintenance, monitoring, and recovery. She also administers dental cleanings, x-ray examinations, diagnostic procedures, and gives assistance during surgery. Lisa takes her role as an LVT one step further by providing client education, as she is always willing to converse without clients about their pets and the care they receive.

Lisa brings with her a passion for veterinary dentistry and hundreds of extra hours in classes and wet labs. She also possesses 20+ years of experience in veterinary care. She pairs her experience with a warm and gentle personality that brightens any room. Lisa is happy to speak with our clients and develop personal connections with each interaction.

“I like working at Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital because of the incredible staff and doctors. They are passionate about what we get to do here at the hospital and are compassionate toward every patient and client that comes in. It is obvious the well-being of the patients is a priority.”

Away from the hospital, Lisa likes to run her horse farm, a 10-horse boarding stable. She continually looks to improve on her understandings and knowledge of equine behavior and riding. Lisa has one senior horse named Harley, who is an Iberian Warmblood mare. She also owns an Oldenburg gelding named Hal, who keeps Lisa pushing herself and her boundaries to learn more. Lisa also owns 2 cats named Ping and Pong, who have ruled her house for years. With any time left, she also finds happiness in gardening and cooking.

Kaylin, Licensed Veterinary Technician Fear Free Certified Professional

Kaylin, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kaylin joined our team in September 2019 with an Associate’s degree in animal science and a vet tech license from Washington state. Active in the veterinary field for the past 8 years, Kaylin has worked as a veterinary assistant in a mixed animal mobile practice, where she treated cats and dogs, along with livestock animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, cows, horses, and chickens. Just prior to coming to Chimacum Valley, she spent time at the Animal Emergency & Trauma Center.

Her duties as vet tech include triaging patients and reporting history and client concerns to the veterinarian, supportive care of hospitalized patients, obtaining vital signs and performing in house diagnostics, administer injections, radiography, phlebotomy, surgical preparation, and anesthesia monitoring and recovery.

Her large furry family includes three dogs, Diesel (a five-year-old Bullshepsky), Izzy (a five-year-old blue heeler), and Ggee (a 10-year-old dachshund); and one horse, a 17-year-old paint. In her free time, Kaylin likes to ride her horse, hike with her dogs, and take her 1976 CJ7 Jeep up to the mountains during the winter to play in the snow with friends and family. She also competes in several different equestrian events, including dressage/jumping, cow sorting, and barrel racing and is the chairman leader in her local 4H community.

Fear Free Certified Professional

Peggy, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Peggy has been a valued member of our team since September 2013. She has more than 30 years’ experience in the veterinary field, having served as a kennel technician, receptionist, and licensed vet tech for two different hospitals prior to joining our practice. While she raised her three children, she worked toward her Washington State Veterinary Technician License, which she earned in 2003.

A team-oriented person, Peggy enjoys doing the best she can for every animal that comes through our doors and is glad that everyone on our staff shares that same mission.

Peggy’s furry family includes two rescue dogs, siblings Sadie and Blake, and a 12-year-old cat named Maggie.

Tiffany, Inventory Manager & Veterinary Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Tiffany, Inventory Manager & Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany is a student at PennFoster College, working toward her Veterinary Technician Associate Degree. She has been with Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital since May of 2013 and has five years of work in animal-related fields. She is a certified dog trainer (Animal Behavior College) and also fosters and rehabilitates dogs.

“I connect with our patients,” Tiffany explains. “I can communicate with them, read their body language, and respond well—making procedures go much smoother and their overall experiences positive.”

Tiffany is a member of the American Kennel Club and has competed in Agility, Rally, Obedience, and Freestyle. She has four dogs, Addi  (Border collie), Angel (Pomeranian), Shyla (Pomeranian), and Zephyr (Lhasa apso); four cats, Kit, Kat, Meow, and Lily; two rats, Pip and Squeak, a ten-year-old goldfish, and a Quarter Horse named Beauty. Her free time is spent training dogs and walking them on the beach—as well as cleaning the giant pet house that she calls home. She also loves spending time with her horse.

Heather, Veterinary Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Heather, Veterinary Assistant

Heather is one of our hard-working Veterinary Assistants here at Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital. She joined our terrific team in October of 2014 and has been providing phenomenal veterinary and client care ever since. Heather is responsible for starting appointments, restraining patients when necessary, running in-house labwork like fecal analysis, ear& skin cytology, and more! She also makes great effort in client education and feels an informed client is the best client.

What Heather enjoys doing the most as a Veterinary Assistant is drawing blood and making the patients feel as calm as possible. One unique attribute Heather shares with PTVC is singing to her co-workers and our patients if they are looking sad or stressed. She has been deemed a Certified Veterinary Assistant by the Pima Medical Institute and loves working in veterinary care, especially for CVVH & PTVC.

“Ever since Dr. Tony came to my class in 8th grade I knew I wanted to work at CVVH & PTVC,” Heather proclaims. “Growing up, this was our family vet and I felt this is where I was meant to be. My cousin Krystal is another reason. She loves working for CVVH & PTVC and it really make me think once again this where I want to be.”

Heather loves spending time with her friends and going on walks. She also loves to garden and potting plans, watching movies, and camping with her family. Heather owns a Husky/Corgi mix named Mocha, whom she adores dearly.

Fear Free Certified Professional

Christine, Veterinary Assistant

Christine is one of our outstanding Veterinary Assistants here at CVVH that has been helping to provide the highest standards of veterinary care since joining our team in June of 2018. She primarily provides assistance to our veterinarians and other staff, and her favorite part of coming to CVVH is getting to see and positively influence the animal-human bond between our wonderful clients and their beloved pets.

Christine has been working in veterinary care for over 9 years, having prior experience as a veterinary assistant for Oak Bay Animal Hospital. She is known for her ability to interact with our patients and their owners in ways that let demonstrate her genuine care and consideration of them and their needs. Christine likes working for CVVH because, “it provides an opportunity to improve my patient care skills as well as stay current with the latest patient care techniques.”

At home, Christine likes to spend time with her family and pets. She owns a Border Collie named Sophie Girl and an Australian Shepherd/Springer Spaniel mix named Merrah Belle.

Veronica, Veterinary Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Veronica, Veterinary Assistant

Veronica joined us in October 2018 and is a full-time veterinary assistant. She has worked in animal-related fields—as a pet sitter, a rescue volunteer, and veterinary assistant—for 15 years. She is currently taking a veterinary technology course.

As a veterinary assistant, Veronica helps the technicians and veterinarians by recording weights and vital signs, holding patients during exams and procedures, and is a personal Pez dispenser of treats. She appreciates our team atmosphere, and her favorite task is doing blood draws. She also enjoys engaging with pets and their owners.

A true animal lover, Veronica has three dogs—Ramone, 16, a Brussels Griffon mix; Ace, 2, a Miniature Pinscher mix; and Astrid, 10 months, a Chihuahua mix. She also has two guinea pigs

Veronica enjoys walking on the beach, bike riding, spending time with her family, and staying up really late to sneak in a good book, or on a rare occasion, a movie.

Karynna, Veterinary Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Karynna, Veterinary Assistant

Here at Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital Karynna works hard as one of our outstanding Veterinary Assistants. She joined our team full-time in October of 2018 and since has been working hard to make a difference. Karynna has been working in the animal-related field since 2014, holding prior positions as a Shelter Attendant and Barn Helper for other animal care providers. She obtained her associate degree while working full time to achieve the next level of education.

Karynna is responsible for assisting our doctors with vitals and patient history, initial triage of sick or emergent pets, providing a comfort and support system for pets and pet parents, and much more! She also is happy to serve the role of initial head scratcher and cookie dispenser, and she loves to brighten the days of our patients and clients. The part of her job that Karynna likes best is helping to educate pet parents about different options for their pets’ health and making connections with patients and clients while doing so.

“Chimacum Vet has an amazing staff and the owners seem to truly care about their staff and patients,” Karynna says. “There is a real love for pets and great medicine, and the owner create an environment for staff to grow and learn that sets the hospital up for success. Employees feel valued, which then translates to our patients and their families receiving the best quality of care.”

Karynna loves to bake, participate in garage sales, but most importantly she loves devoting her time volunteering with youth groups around Jefferson County. She primarily works with Seascouts and the Girls Troop and loves being a source of positive influence. Karynna also likes riding her horse, bringing zen and balance to her life. She is a member of the AHA (Arabian horse association) and competes locally in Barrel racing events and shows at the fairgrounds.

Ashley, Veterinary Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Ashley, Veterinary Assistant

Ashely, one of our hard-working Veterinary Assistants here at Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital works hard to assist our veterinarians and her fellow team members. She loves her profession and being able to help animals in need or medical attention or care. Ashley has been working in the veterinary industry since 2015 and has experience as a Dog Trainer, as a Kennel Manager, and as a Kennel Technician.

“I like working at Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital because all of the staff and doctors truly care about the patients and their owners’ needs,” Ashley says. “We are about taking the best care and putting the animal first.”

In her spare time, Ashley can be found gardening or going for walks and hikes with her dogs. She owns an Italian Mastiff named Captain, and an Irish Terrier named Mayhem.

Arielle, Veterinary Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Arielle, Veterinary Assistant

Arielle is a full-time Veterinary Assistant here at Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital. She is responsible for assisting the veterinarians during appointments, cleaning, vaccinations, bloodwork, animal handling, client communication, x-rays, filling prescriptions, caring for hospitalized patients, and emergency care. One of Arielle’s favorite parts of the job is getting to be around puppies and kittens and provide them with high-quality veterinary care.

Arielle is a certified EMT and has completed courses through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. She joined our team in March of 2019 and is so excited to bring her emergency care experience to the veterinary community!

Arielle loves adventuring with her two dogs: Loki (Golden Retriever/Australian Shephard mix, 8 years old), and Helios (Australian Shephard/Texas Hanging Tree Dog, 5 years old). She enjoys working at Chimacum Valley because of the sense of community among both employees and patients. She enjoys how compassionate and dedicated the entire staff is to every patient that comes in seeking care. Arielle is passionate about holistic medicine, acupuncture, and laser therapy.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, climbing, watching Netflix, weightlifting, dancing, martial arts, welding, reading, and playing video games. We are so happy to have Arielle as part of the Chimacum Valley team!

Renee, Veterinary Assistant/Technician Assistant Fear Free Certified Professional

Renee, Veterinary Assistant/Technician Assistant

Renee is a full-time surgery assistant at Chimacum Valley Vet Hospital. On a daily basis, Renee assists our technicians, helps monitor pets during surgery, and provides general care for pets during their stay. Renee cares for our client’s pets as if they were her own. She is eager to learn from her co-workers and loves being a part of our veterinary team.

In her free time, Renee enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and sewing. She has one dog of her own, a 12-year-old German Wirehair pointer.

Alexis, Veterinary Assistant

Alexis, Veterinary Assistant

Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital welcomed Alexis to our Veterinary Assistant team in May of 2018. She works full-time to help ensure our clients and patients have the most optimal experiences possible. Some of Alexis’ daily responsibilities include helping clients schedule appointments, answering phones, and providing client education with warming welcomes and cheerful goodbyes.

Alexis’ favorite part about working with Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital is getting to interact with our incredible clients and their loveable pets. She loves working in a team-oriented atmosphere that provides excellent care and attention. Alexis is a talented multi-tasker who knows the importance of making our clients and patients feel comfortable and happy.

In her spare time, Alexis loves to spend time with her boyfriend. Both helped build 14 raised garden beds in their back yard and are currently growing food and flowers. Alexis can be found reading homesteading books or watching gardening YouTube channels. Alexis shares her home with a Lab mix named Lugar, a Border Collie named Ryder, and a Munchichi named Evil Kitty of Doom.